June 2022
The Link Between Planning and Implementing

Outreach goes beyond its typical definition of being “an effort to bring services or information to people where they live or spend time”. It is fundamental to tailoring various aspects of a business plan to match the unique needs of all the concerned parties within various possible context. To be more precise, ongoing relationships with stakeholders -whether individuals or organizations- are built and preserved by dissecting, profiling, and segmenting relevant components based on their needs and specific concerns; starting by adapting communications, to the different learning styles, and at a later stage, investigating through numerous explorations means.


In order to delve deeper into the exact context of an outreach coordinator specifically within the scope of a consultancy role, we’ve reached out to Mr. Elie Moussallem, the Community Outreach Coordinator at Park Innovation. We managed to gain clearer insight on how an outreach coordinator can appetize the same role within a consultancy company’s scope of work. Upon inquiring about his main duties, tasks, and overall objectives; Mr. Elie Moussallem informed us that his duties are to “basically reach out to stakeholders and convince them to be involved in the technology and tech hub, the available workspace, as well as the programs Park Innovation offers. This is the first step and an ongoing task.”.  On the other hand, the main challenge faced to reach their objective was “to create a whole program for the latest skills and introduce it in a smooth way to make sure the idea is well received and not in a boring way… so, the whole concept was made to fit this… which means that we have also created an ecosystem”. When asked about the tools used for data, he informed us that it’s “mainly events” which include “social media, physical, and virtual events”.


As is the case with any aspect of an organization, an added value is expected to be the result of its continuous operation. We discussed this topic with Mr. Elie Moussallem and his take on the matter was that “at some point, it all depends on the business. However, I can’t claim that my 22 startups in total will remain SMEs or MSMEs. They might turn into big companies…”.

Written by
Jill Barakat
Regional Account Coordinator, PFC International